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Back with a new flavor! February 27, 2012

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Well, I suppose it is time I start posting again. It’s been a while! I believe I left off with the conclusion of the TECH621 course with Dr. V. So, what am I doing now? What will this new mystery flavor be?

My misadventures in teaching, of course!

Long story short, I graduated with my M.S. in Science. Pretty cool, right? Right. Anyway, after graduation, I secured a teaching job in the Communication department here at Purdue, located in Beering Hall. My first course to teach was the dreaded COM 114. It’s the course that pretty much everyone has to take. I enjoyed teaching the course, and my students were wonderful as usual. Few hiccups here and there, but I made it through.

So what am I doing now? Well, I am still currently in the Communication department, but now I am teaching a single section of COM 114, and two sections of COM 217. COM 217 is Scientific Writing and Presentations. I absolutely love this class. I feel like I can take the knowledge and practices that I JUST got done with myself, and help students with my experience. They do a lot of research into scholarly journals, writing, and presenting in a scientific manner. I feel like I can relate very well with the students, and the repertoire I have built with them seems to be a good one.

In terms of my own research, it is complete for now. I do wish to continue on and achieve a Ph.D., but I simply wasn’t ready to start this fall. Either way, getting a position as a limited term lecturer in the COM department has given me some great experience, and I love what I do currently.