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Dark Side: Mirror of the Physical World April 12, 2011

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As we are discussing, the “Dark Side” of the internet has many different aspects about it. I had never really considered all of the topics we are discussing as they relate to the real world. Everything on the internet in terms of being a Dark Side is just as important to address in the real world.  Below are a list of our topics:

  • Geo-Location
  • Identity Management
  • Digital Divide
  • Being Anonymous/Anonymity
  • Privacy
  • Cyberstalking
  • Internet/Gaming Addiction
  • Internet Crime
  • Failed Relationships
  • Porn at Work
Many, if not all of these I have dealt with in my life at some point or another. As a kid, you were taught to never give out information about where you were going to strangers. You should be nice to other people (treat those how you wish to be treated!).
I think what I am trying to convey is that the internet world and the Dark Side of it mirrors the world we live in, and it almost functions as a totally seperate world, living, breathing, and having it’s own culture (which we discussed last week). I find it incredibly interesting how the internet seems to organically evolve at an increasingly fast rate, adapting to user needs and changing at will. More thoughts to follow I think…

2 Responses to “Dark Side: Mirror of the Physical World”

  1. Mihaela Says:

    If you think about it Brandon, we make the world – we decide what it’s like, because of the way we are and how we interact. But, the limitations and the constrains of the environment also influence how we behave and therefore what kind of world we create for ourselves.

    Good thoughts. I enjoy discovering this deeper side of your thinking.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Good thought. I never really thought of it in the sense of how it parallels. I remember my dad always telling me when I was growing up…don’t talk to strangers, don’t tell them your real name, don’t ever tell anyone your address or phone number. And I know when I have kids, my dad will be telling them the same thing AND to not do those things ONLINE. 🙂

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