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Vicious Circle March 30, 2011

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One of the discussions we are currently having is about our first article by Jackson Carr. We have somehow gone deeper into theoretical ideas that deal with technology, and they create an ever contradicting vicious circle.

Technological Determinism vs. Human Agency

Exploring this argument is an effort in futility to find a clear answer. It would seem the best answer lies (at least for me) somewhere in the middle. Technology is either controlling us and we are helpless to do anything but give into it’s grasp, or we have free will, and will do what we please with technology; changing it and molding it to our own will without consideration to the current boundaries that exist.

I personally lie somewhere in between. I would almost argue that I am on BOTH sides as opposed to in the middle as well. I believe that we are bound to technology. We create technology with structure but also in the image we choose. This structure binds us to the rules we set for the technology, however. We will continually be forced to live by the structures we set for ourselves (Technological Determinism) but at the same time have the power to break the structure and change it to fit our own will (Human Agency).

We have to prescribe to the structures we create. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? I suppose one could get out of the structure all together, but then you will be falling forever into the digital divide.

So, what stance do you have? Do you conform, or do you break free? Are you in the middle? Do you agree with both? Either way, the circle will continue without you.


4 Responses to “Vicious Circle”

  1. techplusinc Says:

    It is certainly very had to avoid technology. I guess I’m on the side that embraces technology. I hopped on the bandwagon to enjoy the ride. Even though sometimes technology and I do not always get along I still live by it. I take the road blocks and speed bumps in stride, I either learn from it or end up pulling hair out either way I get through it and do my best to move forward.

  2. Mihaela Says:

    Brandon, I am glad you enjoyed class discussion and discovered adaptive structuration theory on your own!

    But please note, the first article was by Nicholas Carr, the second reading, from Magie Jackson’s book.

  3. Jackie Riley Says:

    It’s hard for me as well to pick within both of them. On one hand we are bind by it but is it in our human nature to break boundaries? I thought the notion that if users in the technology keep doing something it might lead to change/technical advancement (ex. hashtags in twitter). That keeps making me feel both. We are defined by technology but keep pushing the limits. Was a very interesting class and enjoyed your thoughts (and cartoon.)

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