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Research Area of Interest February 27, 2011

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Recently I made a post regarding “Politics 2.0”. I am heavily leaning towards Government 2.0 as my area of research. This is fortunately a growing area of research and it combines two of my major interests. I have begun looking for articles and trying to narrow my focus here. The issue I am currently having is that this is relatively a new concept (utilizing web 2.0 tools with government).

A couple of the articles I have been reviewing sort of give an overview of some of the research questions I have about Government 2.0, as well as it’s implications.

I am going to attempt to narrow my research soon and make an additional blog post regarding how I intend to do so. I would be open to suggestions in this as well. Currently, much of the research I have found is about the channels used and how effective they were/are in measuring public opinion. As said, I am in the process of narrowing down and looking for future research suggestions.


4 Responses to “Research Area of Interest”

  1. narayun Says:

    This is a pretty interesting topic you picked! I actually got a book about this topic from a raffle a year ago. It mentioned about a lot about Obama and how social media helped him on reaching out to the younger population. If I had to give you a suggestion, I would say on focusing on a specific person would help maybe?

  2. scott abney Says:

    I agree with narayun, the way politics has started to tap into social media is something that will continue. Obama was the first to capitalize on its benefits and soon others were following behind. It seems that every major political figure either themselves or someone they employ, create either a twitter account or Facebook account for people to view and see what they are up to. This is also true with major policy bills and how social media has helped unite people for a common cause.

  3. Mihaela Says:

    Brandon, as you narrow down your topic, do keep in mind that politics 2.0 and government 2.0 are different areas. One has to do with the use of social media in political campaigns, the other, about making government more transparent, interactive, etc., through the use of social media. Yes, you know it: You need to read, think and narrow it down. As you do so, consider how you can use R6 to address your topic. Please keep me posted.

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