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Social Media Matters February 21, 2011

Filed under: Social Media — karch10k @ 3:31 pm

I decided to go to the Digital Surgeons blog and read some posts about social media. I can remember beginning this course and thinking that social media (more specifically Twitter) was just a bunch of people with nothing better to do than Tweet mindless chatter to each other. I understood that social media could be a powerful marketing tool, but never really understood the amount of influence it could have over companies or people in power.

If you consider the first article I read, it would seem that a Facebook “Like” goes a bit further than simply someone clicking a button to show interest. Apparently, the Facebook Like can tell the future! It is very interesting to think about how accurate the Facebook Like is when talking about the past elections. It makes sense though, as many younger aged people use Facebook, and many younger voters turned out to the past election.

The second article is about Gap (GAP?). We had discussed this earlier in the course, but I never really got a chance to actually see the new logo. Now, I find it very fascinating that a Facebook and Twitter outcry could change something as major as a logo for a company of this size. I also agree that the new proposed logo they chose was horrid. While I don’t think the original is all that great, the changed one does little to improve. What were they thinking?

I am sure there are other articles out there to support the idea that social media is a driving force for change in many ways, these are just a couple articles I read and found to be interesting. Social media continues to make large impacts in many areas, and I look forward to being present for the impacts it will make in the future!


3 Responses to “Social Media Matters”

  1. Mihaela Says:

    The post about Facebook likes having predictive power will be very relevant to tomorrow’s discussion – see the reading on Wisdom of Crowds and decision markets, then bring up the connection in class, and/or write a post about it.

    Very nice post, does a great job of featuring what you’re reading and adding your thoughts about it.

  2. Jackie Riley Says:

    I checked out Digital Surgeons after reading your post and really enjoy their blog. I read the first article you mentioned on the Likes and it was very interesting. I was taken back with the statement made that most CMOs and brand managers don’t know the value of their followers. Do you think if a crowd can predict a election, it could weed out poor products even if the best ones are the most expensive?

  3. ibukhari Says:

    i look forward to what social media is going to do for me? i mean if you think about it, TWITTER is basically another way of interviewing a huge variety of people. you go on someone’s profile and then check their (blog, profile, website, etc.). many people upload their resume’s on their personal sites or profiles and BOOM if it’s good, they might get recruited. (without having to drive all the way to the interview) 😀 INTERVENTION

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