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AA #2: Information Needs and Social Media Adoption February 8, 2011

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Factors Influencing the Adoption of Social Media in the Perspective of Information Needs

Kim, Y., Kim, M., Kim, K. (2010). Factors influencing the adoption of social media in the perspective of information needs. Retrieved from University of Illinois, Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship website:

This article focuses on social media and how it is adopted in terms of people using it for information. The article attempts to understand the different factors that will influence adoption only in terms of informational needs.

This research focuses on the factors that affect users adopting various social media with relation to theories like the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA), the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), and the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). These theories are very popular in attempting to explain adoption, as well as are a part of my own personal research.

In addition to utilizing theories, the research looked at adoption of social media in different terms as well. The terms were how the user viewed the information. Gratification research, and adoption research were both important in the research.

The findings of the paper were interesting. In terms of adoption of social media, the researchers found that perceived usefullness, enjoyment, and social influence were the most important factors in social media adoption. Of these, perceived enjoyment is thought to be more important than usefulness and social influence. Other attributes also are thought to contribute to adoption like personal innovativeness, and influence from other social networks.

This paper, while a little short, came to a surprise to me. I found myself relating to it due to the inclusion of the different theories (TPB, TRA). This article is a good model I feel for someone wanting to do research in social media adoption in terms of their coverage of the theories, ideologies, and different factors influencing each. Unlike my first article, there aren’t many negative feelings towards this article.

Some of the highlights in this article for me was the discussion over the various theories, and how they applied to social media adoption, as well as some of the ideologies. I can see myself using a paper such as this in my own research and literature review in the future, or at least using the references they have listed.

As far as future research, the paper does not suggest any itself, but I feel like looking at adoption on a informational needs level can give ideas as to where some future research could go. Informational needs with social media is something I am directly going to be wanting to know more about personally, but to apply the concept to other more concentrated areas would be intriguing. What are all of the needs that someone may have when adopting social media? The list could be endless, and while it is impossible to design for all of them, one could certainly pick a single one, or a few.

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One Response to “AA #2: Information Needs and Social Media Adoption”

  1. Mihaela Says:

    Brandon, I can see how this is very interesting and pertinent to your interests, but I’d like you to be more careful when choosing material for your article analyses. First, this was a poster presented at a conference – that’s why it is so short. I recommend you select journal articles or full papers published in conference proceedings.

    Then, remember to mention what research methods they used, before summarizing the results.

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